Video: DC The Don “Worst Day”

Dressing up as one of film’s most famous outsiders, DC The Don gets his Napoleon Dynamite on in “WORST DAY “ produced by Astroboy and Theo Zim. “WORST DAY” is a testament to DC’s ear for production, as he scores big time on an 8-bit arcaded beat. Directed by OUTLAW of Guapruns Productions, the video is a loving tribute to the 2004 cult classic, sketching an outline of the film’s plot with DC portraying Napoleon and capturing the OG color scheme and aesthetic. The video provides a twist on some of the film’s most memorable moments, including football tosses with Uncle Rico, Pedro’s presidential campaign, and the closing talent show dance performance. “WORST DAY :(” is a standout from Come As You Are (Deluxe), the recently-released expanded edition of DC’s debut album.

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