Video: DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv “Get Money” ft. MoneySign Suede

Building a fanbase with boisterous rhymes and colorful personalities to match, DCG Brothers have carved their own lane in Chicago’s rap scene. Linking up with LA riser MoneySign $uede, they let you know that they’re collecting paper from coast to coast on their new single, “Get Money.”

DCG Bsavv and DCG Shun come in hot on this banger, their first new single since their Jungle Lifemixtape. Flashing their bands as they post up outside of luxury cars, the real life brothers remind you that getting money is a skill that they’ve got on lock: “When I got a bag, I wasn’t hiding or flaunting/Soon as I hit the city, I’m riding with a hundred.” MoneySign Suede brings the West Coast flair as he shoves stacks of cash in haters’ faces, making it clear that cash is his best friend. Finding their own pockets in each verse, there’s no doubt that this Midwest-to-LA link up has an abundance of bars, in addition to cash. 

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