Video: Dee Watkins “JPay”

If you’ve known anyone currently or formerly incarcerated, you’re familiar with JPay. If you aren’t privy, it’s a service used to send money, music & more to friends on the inside. In rising Florida rapper Dee Watkins’ latest video single, “JPay,” he talks about putting money on his peoples’ books through JPay and fighting for their freedom while simultaneously reflecting on his own journey. In the video, he shows us how far he’s come — Dee looks at home on a stage as Rod Wave’s tour show opener; when he’s in front of the flashing lights, he can’t help but smile and flashback with his blinding grills. Dee’s lyrics show the conflicting emotions of enjoying his success  while acknowledging the hardships he endured for it — “F*** the judge, they don’t love us, can’t walk a mile in our shoes, how could you judge us?” and, “Hard times is what made us, all I knew was to stay down and stay prayed up.” As Dee sets his aim on national success, he’s still fighting for his people back home and makes it crystal clear — he’s not letting up on both fronts. 

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