Video: Dee Watkins “Nightmare On Grissolm St.”

Florida’s recent Hip-Hop rebirth has given rise to a new generation of talent with an authentic sound, and Dee Watkins is the self-proclaimed #1 problem child of the bunch. Dee sets himself apart from his peers in “Nightmare on Grisshom St.” With blurred shots of Dee’s unapologetic flexing, and that iconic drawl only found in the sunshine state, “Nightmare On Grissholm St.” is a frightening predicament indeed. The sound and lyrics all harken back to Dee’s troubled days growing up in Macclany, a town outside of Jacksonville, but the visuals tell the story of a once bad ass jit who has made some noise but is still hungry for more.  When Dee’s in the cut, it’s a scary sight for his supposed opposition. “Nightmare On Grissholm St.” is a highlight track from Problem Child 3, the Alamo Records signee’s brand new mixtape.

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