Video: DJ Gutta Butta & Slimmy B “Bag Time” ft. Lil Bean & MBnel

A “Slapper” is a term to describe music. Not food, not an outfit– just music. Specifically, the word describes music that hits with a umph and resonates with people so much they can’t help but bump and vibe to it. Today DJ Gutta Butta and SOB X RBE Slimmy B’s share the video for “Bag Time”, which more than meets that strict definition. Hot off their All Net EP, the song is jam packed with flavors of the burgeoning Bay Area sound, from Slimmy’s true-to-this lyrics, Lil Bean’s melodic hooks, and MB Nel’s lilting flow, all floating in harmony on a beat that is oh so Yay Area.

An all-star lineup with DJ Gutta Butta and Slimmy B at the rim, and MB Nel and Lil Bean in the “back court” is a rare, but exciting sight. The video shows the group of Northern California mainstays in their element; with the backdrop of inside a warehouse, each artist is accompanied by a set of specific lighting choices, making sure each artist has their time in the spotlight. 

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