Video: Doodie Lo & Icewear Vezzo “Melrose”

Delivering true-to-life lyrics in his signature grainy rasp, Only The Family’s Doodie Lo is a street griot armed with stories to tell. Tapping fellow Midwest lion heart Icewear Vezzo, the duo share their new single, “Melrose.” Both notorious for their affinity for toting big sticks and iron-tough slick talk, Doodie and Vezzo trade off verses about getting it out of the mud while emphasizing that their hustle is interchangeable in the rap game and in the streets (“I remember sharing clothes/Now I shop on Melrose/Stay strapped like velcro”).

Directed by 12 Mile Visuals and Shot By Suave, the video finds the Midwest duo chilling in a vacant building sipping syrup, smoking backwoods, and engaging in chit-chat with Doodie’s confidante Lil Durk via FaceTime. Capturing the essence of Melrose’s lavish scenery from afar, the Kankakee, IL riser and Detroit street hero take a moment to flash their icy chains and casually talk smack from the front seats of a foreign whip. Although Doodie and Vezzo hold it down for different parts of the Midwest, they find common ground in respecting street code and mastering the art of flexing.

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