Video: Jaah SLT “I Love It” ft. Jasiah

Jaah SLT has come far from just being North Carolina’s last viral sensation; in the year since signing a deal with Alamo Records, he’s become an artist with a distinct sound, marked by rising intensity in his vocals and a cadence that sits halfway between mantra and nursery rhyme. Jaah’s music personifies reverberates with his youthful energy. The 21-year-old emcee’s hunger shines through the explosive aggression of “Crazy” ft Lowkey SLT and he digs deep to explore relationship angst in “Everyday”: “I ain’t gonna text her, cuz we go way back, yeah, she was my ex, yeah.”

Benefitting from Jaah’s exquisite ear for blown-out beats One Year Lateris Jaah’s musical time capsule of the past year, filled with tracks brimming with his signature energy like “Feelin Hot” and recent single “I Love It” ft Jasiah, and changing the pace with calmer tracks like “Unpredictable.” Each song showcases a dynamic slice of Jaah’s creative spectrum, as the blonde-dreaded Jaah delivers each line through a wide-eyed, toothy smile. One Year Later and Jaah is one year closer to hitting it big. As the calendar turns to 2022, it’s only a matter of time before Jaah becomes NC’s next hitmaker.

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