Video: Jose Guapo “Changes (2Pac Remake)”

Rappers remake songs all of the time. And usually the inspiration behind the remake is the most important trait to the song. Because let’s be honest, most remakes don’t even come close to touching the original. But Jose Guapo might be on to something here with his reworking on 2Pac’s classic “Changes”. A lot of what Pac was speaking on in the 90’s is still very much relevant in today’s society. So Guapo got with director Zay Jones and shot a really dope video for an updated version of “Changes” that touches on the recent police brutality, poverty in the black communities and more. It’s good to see an artist like Guapo step out of his lane and release something like this. His next mixtape Osama Bin Guapo 2 is due out soon.

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