Video: Kenzo Balla “No Sympathy” [Prod. by Spinback & Ron.Adg]

The holiday season typically finds people expressing their compassion and gratitude for others, but NY riser Kenzo Balla has “No Sympathy” to give in the new video from his recent Mr. Ready To Blitz project. Firing a blistering drill missile in under 3 minutes, Kenzo brings raw energy and fierce rhymes, wishing his haters the worst days of their lives and offering to make that happen. Even when it sounds like he has a glimmer of pity for his enemies, he counters vengefully: “Free all the opps so my n****s can drill ‘em.” Toggling between hotboxing a vacant room and turning a basketball court into their main stage, Kenzo and his masked up crew make it clear that they’re ticking time bombs that can be detonated at any given point.

The video for “No Sympathy” arrives as Kenzo prepares for Mr. Ready To Blitz (Deluxe), coming on December 16th via 10K Projects. The project is home to enthralling bangers like the NPR-approved “Krash Out,” and the Cito Blick and Pdot Savv-assisted “Don’t Panic.” With an impressive EP under his belt and deluxe on the way, Kenzo is conquering NYC’s prolific rap game in a blitz.

Watch the video shot by @SozeCinema below!

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