Video: Key Glock “From Nothing”

Key Glock just dropped his new video single “From Nothing” via Paper Route Empire. Key Glock is serving Summertime Glizzock with “From Nothing.” From the bright, bouncy beat to poppin bottles on a catamaran, Key Glock is soaking in the sun and his life of luxury. But Glock will remind you, you can’t get there without hustle – rapping, “You know how I do it / B*tch I’m about that bag / If I say I did it, I done it.” Filmed in Spain while on his first solo European tour, Glock is mixing business with pleasure. Taking in the local Catalonia sites (and even saying what’s up to a few fans), but still making time to hit the studio. Well, in this case, the studio is a penthouse hotel suite. My favorite takeaway – Glock’s new Dolph piece glistens even brighter in the Spanish sunshine. 

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