Video: Key Glock “Grammys”

Gearing up for an eventful weekend, today Key Glock shares his new video for “Grammys.” Glock came out the gate hard with this intro track on the recent YT2 expansion Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe), so you know he had to come hard with the song’s video. The cinematic mini-movie finds Glock reflecting on his youth, flashing back to two distinct stories about his trap life, centered around his granny’s house in South Memphis. The first story examines Glock’s childhood, as an adolescent Glock dons his bright red Adidas and listens to his Memorex discman as he does dirty work for an OG. The second story depicts Glock as a hard-headed teenager, as he and his friends assert themselves as his neighborhood’s dominant crew with both force and finesse. Both stories play out as present-day Glock roams his old hood, thinking about how his youthful woes prepared him for the spotlight better than any classroom ever could.

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