Video: Killer Mike “Run” ft. Dave Chappelle & Young Thug


It’s been 10 years since I made R.A.P. Music with Jaime, A LOT has happened since. While waiting for the World to end the last 2 years I made a song called “RUN“, it is produced by another mentor and brother of mine – No I.D. and features Young Thug, who I’d been wanting to work with forever.

I wanted to make a song that looked forward for my people instead of backward, one that celebrated us instead of dwelled on our pain. When I wrote ‘The race to Freedom was never won’ I was speaking specifically to the Black experience, but in the last few weeks it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this rings truer now more than ever for EVERYONE.

I lived with the song for months, and remembered a pep talk Dave Chappelle gave me so I asked him if he’d do something in the spirit of that for this song. What he sent back was something else… I wasn’t prepared for him to take one of the most romanticized events in World history and use it as an elegant metaphor for the Black experience in America.

Which brings us to the video– the intro reminded me that the first American to die for the United States in the Revolutionary war was Crispus Attucks, in other words Black history is American history, no qualifier. Keep this in mind while watching this video and I hope you enjoy it.

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