Video: OBN Jay “I’m Him”

OBN Jay is hailing out of the Southside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; the Southern rapper injects nothing but the real into his music, with heartfelt lyrics telling his story from the trenches to where he is now. After a short stint with Columbia Records, the rising star now enters his new deal with independent label EMPIRE, inspiring the masses worldwide that they too can make their wildest dreams come true.

OBN Jay’s new song “I’m Him” is the coming of age for OBN Jay, embracing the grind and hustle mentality it takes climbing to the top and now standing as the man he envisioned himself to be.  Fans in the past have heard the rugged melodic sounds talking about his past.  He is letting everyone know he has been that guy coming out of the trenches. Now he is young and rich living life and hungry for more.


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