Video: OTF Timo “Rules”

Friends are the family that you choose for yourself, and if anyone knows this best, it’s Lil Durk and his Only The Family crew. Emerging stronger from a year marked by success and tragedy in equal measure, today the label announces Loyal Bros, their upcoming compilation album due on February 26th. Along with the announcement, Timo, one of OTF’s newest signees, is dropping his newest video. “Rules.”

OTF riser Timo has already gained the respect of Chicago’s Southside with his hard-charging, merciless drill music. In his latest video, “Rules,”  Timo confidently uses his street smarts to school a class full of wannabe hustlers with updates to the 10 Crack Commandments. Throughout the video Timo lists fifteen guidelines for street living which includes warnings to those who’d work with the police and keeping family squabbles private, ending with an inspirational message: “Number 15, take care of your homies in jail/Don’t give up, keep followin’ your dreams.” 

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