Video: Polo Perks “Confused N In Love”

Surf Gang’s Polo Perks has just shared a new video single “Confused N In Love” produced by EvilGiane via Surf Gang Records. The NYC rapper rose to prominence with his 2021 mixtape PUNK GOES DRILL+**, a project that mixes the depths of the pop-punk of the past and the current drill wave that has taken over New York City flawlessly. He followed this up later in the year with the final chapter in his ICFM seriesi.c.f.m. Pt. 3 / fortheonesilost, which The FADER noted for being as“chaotic as it is fun”. This past summer, Polo was featured in New York Magazine’s piece “The Voice of Drill” and detailed the nuance in drill’s composition, as well as discussed the ongoing suppression the sub-genre is experiencing at the hands of Mayor Adams and the NYPD. Now, after taking time to branch out sonically in a more refined direction, Polo has returned with his new video single “Confused N In Love”.

“Confused N In Love” features Polo’s distorted vocals racing through a blistering instrumental composed of zany synths, celestial keys, and booming drums. The 2-minute track intimately details the flash and flare of Polo’s fast-paced lifestyle as he raps about the more lush moments in the spotlight, his turbulent love life, and the detachments that come along with success. The music video showcases Polo draped in designer, performing the track from the inside of an old-school car on hydraulics and alongside a well-dressed posse.

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