Video: Ron Suno “Grabba” ft. Dusty Locane

Ron Suno is here to claim the crown of Bronx’s King of Drill Ron Suno’s viral “Grabba” has just dropped a video for the remix featuring Dusty Locane! It shows the Bronx firebrand (Ron) and Brooklyn heavyweight (Dusty) running through Times Square, NY, doing Ron’s viral TikTok dance to “Grabba” with a crowd of supporters mobbing after them. Off the heels of his latest projectJokes Up, Ron drops the “Grabba” remix video showing Ron and Dusty running their city, doing anything and everything from hopping on cars to crowding subway escalators with fans; showcasing the influence, love, and starpower the two have in their city. Being born and raised in NYC, the energy they give in the video is rare!

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