Video: Ron Suno “What They Gon Say” (Remix) ft Rowdy Rebel

After racking up over 8.5 million views on the original YouTube and trending with hundreds of thousands of Tik Tok videos, Ron Suno goes crosstown to tap one of NYC’s slickest, Rowdy Rebel, for the What They Gon Say” remix. Lyrical speed is the name of the game on this MP Beatz-produced track, as Ron and Rowdy fit close to 1000 words in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds of drill-base hits and fast-paced violin strings. It’s not news that Ron’s quick and raunchy lyrics fit nicely on the beat, but the track goes up a level when Rowdy takes a spin on the Suno flow, rapping, “copped me a hunnid, went and backed out the wraith” and “Told Lil bro go get me a safe, as long as I keep me a gun I’m safe.” Rowdy’s presence gives an added gritty edge to the song to make it a stand-out track in the crowded NYC drill scene, a track that is sure to be a playlist mainstay for the NYC youth this summer.

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