Video: Smokepurpp “Not Your Speed” ft. Lil Gnar

Smokepurpp is back with his new single and video for “Not Your Speed” ft. Lil Gnar, out NOW via Alamo Records!

“Not Your Speed” is Purpp’s first single since dropping PSYCHO (Legally Insane) EP in February! In true Purpp fashion, the video is clever, silly and a little brazen. To set the scene, Purpp and Gnar are working at the local diner, but maybe aren’t the best employees. After flipping off their boss a few too many times, the guys hit the road for a quick drive only to return to the diner to torment their boss for one last time. 2 things I learned from this video: 1. Lil Gnar is left handed and 2. blowing weed smoke on a burger amplifies flavor x100. Musically, “Not Your Speed” definitely feels like a signature Purpp banger – it’s got that classic distorted bass and Purpp’s party-centric bars, but this time he’s serving a new high-pitched delivery that adds intensity to each bar. One thing I always appreciate about Smokepurpp is his ability to just have fun with it and that’s exactly what he’s doing on “Not Your Speed.” With Bless Yo Trap 2 on the horizon, it’s nice to see Purpp back in his element. 

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