Video: STARG4A “Flood Da Spot” ft. Tony Shhnow

Whether you like it or not, the new wave of underground music is coming to the forefront of the industry. The sounds of grit – R&B – to the new melodic sounds of the underground have been completely taking over, but one specific sound that only few have mastered is the unique use of the late 90 and early 2000 samples.

Alabama’s STARG4A teamed up with Atlanta’s Tony Shhnow for the viral record “Flood Da Spot“. Since the record was previewed on Shhnow’s instagram live story, the legendary Stevie Wonder sample, unique word play and cadence of the two has been the only thing on people’s mind for the past week and a half. The song went CRAZY on DSP’s following the release of STAR’s latest EP “Stop Playin” and nearly touched a quarter million streams in the first week.

The Filmswave curated record has definitely been one of the most trendy and ear grabbing records of the year for the collective. We can’t wait to see how far this record can get pushed, from the clubs, shows and even house parties. The world might break if we don’t hear another record from STAR & Shhnow, so we are looking forward to see how they will capitalize off this great record!

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