Video: Young E Class “Pay Off”

Pay Off” begins and Young E Class is seen fixing his chains in the windows of a penthouse overlooking Los Angeles on a gloomy morning, his night was just ending. As the melody of the piano begins to intensify, you feel like you’re in the opening of a drama film packed with suspense and turmoil. A true testament of his bars, “ stay down til you come up, them late nights gona pay off,” Young E Class intentionally delivered every word with passion and emotion to paint his reality. No hands out, no silver spoon, just drive and determination.

After spending 13 years in jail and suffering the devastation of losing loved ones to the streets, you feel the pain of a cold heart when he says “throw feelings in a vault, I be feeling like a shark.” Throughout the trials and tribulations, loyalty, selflessness, and persistence remained the core of his essence. Stepping into his role as a champion for his city, Young E Class humbly acknowledges the opportunities and blessings he gratefully passed down to those around him when refers to himself as a “13th’s best investment” and says “any plate I had, I bet they ate off.” 

Like in any great drama movie, the plot in the life of Young E Class, took an unexpected turn when he was released from prison instead of serving a 40 year sentence. He is now living with his “jewelry on and shirt off”, as you hear in the hook, because he continuously turns his pain into hustle. “Pay off” is filled with raw lyrics over a powerful beat that will leave you motivated and inspired to continue your own grind.

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