Videos: Fatt Macc – HMU

Montgomery, Alabama is an underdog city in a state that is overflowing with rap talent at the moment which is highly undeserved given Montgomery’s unquestionable contribution to trap music through the late and legendary Doe B, but there is definitely a strong scene forming in Montgomery now that is ready to build on the foundation that he laid. Fatt Macc is one of my very favorites out of the Gump and recently he and Sanborn Films teamed up again for a new song and visual titled “HMU.” It seems that the Detroit beat craze has spread down to Montgomery with this one and truthfully I think it is the best beat that Macc has hopped on yet as the fast tempo and deep baritone of the piano and percussion suit his vocals and general presence on a song well. He walked all over this instrumental and as always talked his shit, intimidating, reminiscing, and bragging bar by bar. I am looking forward to more Fatt Macc music this year and definitely hope he jumps on another Detroit beat soon.

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