Videos: Lil Gray – Disgrace // Bitch I’m French

Landover, MD native Lil Gray has been on a hot-streak all of 2021 with a string of hard visuals and and unforgettable and already regionally and critically acclaimed mixtape titled 10B410 that showcases his wide-ranging versatility and endless bag of flows, as well as his distinct and highbrow beat selection courtesy of the DMV’s main sonic architect Sparkheem who has been a cornerstone in building the easily recognizable ‘DMV-sound’ for the better part of the last decade. He recently brought together two fan-favorites off of his project “Disgrace” and “Bitch I’m French.” The tone of “Disgrace” is eerily reminiscent to a duel scene in an old western film because of both the ominous whistling sample as well as Gray’s intimidating and terse flow. This bleeds immediately into the raucous and circus-like track “Bitch I’m French” which is some of Sparkheem’s most chaotic production work ever and if you are at all familiar with his dense catalog you will understand how high-praise that is. 4QKP and HousePartii came together to direct and edit this visual and ensured that the video was every-bit as high intensity and entertaining as Gray’s music.

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