Videos: Matty Wood$ x chrisclay. – “Millions”

Matty Wood$ is one of my very favorite new stoner rappers and this particular corner of rap had gotten extremely boring and dull for my tastes personally over the last several years which is so strange to me given the explosion of “zaza” and the legalization of it everywhere, but at the same time that legalization definitely made weed more lame across the board, but artists like Matty Wood$ on this track are able to still glamorize the life of a stoner while navigating through all of the quirks and subtleties associated as well as the massive jump in price that Matty, like so many others, pay for anyway cause it really is worth it, if you actually know. Chrisclay provided the instrumental on this song and he and Wood$ obviously have great chemistry and if you enjoyed this song’s production then you should definitely check out Chris’s project Dr. Clay – 2021 which features his production alongside several of the underground’s hottest names, from his native Atlanta and beyond.

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