Visualizer: E The Profit “Afford Me” ft. Dro Kenji

E The Profit continues to elevate and this time around it’s his new single “Afford Me” that’s the talk of the town. With production from Rocco Roy, per usual, we have a new collaborator that has entered
the stadium. Featuring Dro Kenji, this cut is a wild blend of both these rising artists’ talents. You
hear wondrous chaotic croons from Kenji, followed by E rounding out the cut with a stellar set of

It truly seems like this duo has a great deal of creative chemistry and we can only hope they
keep dropping work. The bottom line is that these women cannot afford either of our main
characters and they should save their pennies where they can. This song is not what you’d think
the pair would come up with, but melds so well together.

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