Who Is Jean D’eau? REVAMPED Ghost Stories: Chapter 3

In the first chapter of this documentary Atlanta rapper Jean D’eau teamed up with Vanquish Films to bring his fan base a revamped version of his ‘Who Is Jean D’eau???’ In this new series, entitled ‘Ghost Stories’ he takes you on a walk through his current journey in the music industry, from the perspective of someone who survived 10 years in prison and hit the ground running in pursuit of his dreams.
In Chapter 3 Jean D’eau picks up where he left off covering topics like his upcoming projects set for release, ‘Who Is Jean D’eau?’, songs on the latest Famgoon project ‘Plugged In With The Cartel’, and upcoming Famgoon projects like ‘Smack Talk’ & ‘Famerican Cartel’.
Brought to you by Famerica Records, Mu’min Muzik, and Vanquish Films. Watch below!

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