Who is Kokoe Chapo?

Kokoe Chapo

Yesterday when DJ Paul released a new song his upcoming Year of the Six project, slated for release on 6/6. I was immediately impressed by the strength of the feature from Kokoe Chapo. Since this was my first time hearing him I decided I wanted to learn a little about him and hear some more of his music.

Apparently Kokoe is a West Coast based artist who in addition to being an affiliate of Da Mafia 6ix is also the head of Wess Money Gang. His style meshes seamlessly with the Three 6 Mafia aesthetic, he should definitely appeal to their fanbase.

His existing catalogue is definitely extensive. He’s been making some noise for a minute now, all the way back to the Jordan Tower days.

On his various sites and pages, there’s a plethora of music to choose from, including this strong collaboration with the complete Mafia 6 line-up & Juicy J. After a few listens my personal favorite was his Pre Trap Tape project. Check that out here, and keep your eyes open for more new music from Kokoe Chapel.

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