Z Money “80 Bands” (prod. Lil Mexico)

Produced by Lil Mexico Beats, “80 Bands” is a bass-heavy headphone symphony, with ZMoney showing off some his his best wordplay amidst whirring and gurgling vocal samples: “Damn, they tryin f**k up my plan/I got like 80 thousand on me, like 80 bands/I got 80 thousand on me I can’t shake no hands.” “80 Bands” is the lead single from Chiraq Mogul, ZMoney’s upcoming album, releasing on August 17th via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo.

ZMoney is a hometown hero, with a fanbase that has held him down. After doing some time in prison, he emerged back on the scene in 2017 rebuilding his momentum. He teamed up with producer, ChaseTheMoney, for the intense and lyrical ZTM, which earned him critical acclaim. Chirag Mogul is the follow up project as he rises from the ashes and follows his mentor Gucci Mane on the path from underground success to mainstream figure.

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