Zach Farlow “Wanna Ride”

Zach Farlow

Zach Farlow keeps the momentum going with his latest video.

The flagship artist with Urban Angels Music Group, rapper Zach Farlow was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Although his friends and family noticed his talent early on, Farlow didn’t take music seriously until the age of 18 when a long medical recovery (he had been stabbed while attempting to break up a robbery) kept him home and forced him to focus. After honing his skills, he moved to Atlanta in 2013, joined the Urban Angels Music Group, and recorded some tracks at Dallas Austin’s legendary DARP studio, now dubbed Urban Angels Studios.

Word on the music scene in Atlanta is that Zach Farlow is about to release some undeniable music that might just take him to the next level. His latest release bodes well regarding these predictions. Sometimes labeled as “the first White Trap rapper,” when Fetty Wap first came out many in the south thought it was Zach. Regardless he is definitely original.

Follow him on Twitter @ZachFarlow, and you can check out his last full length project below. Expect to hear a lot more of his name, word around the campfire is that he’s about to have a MAJOR summer.

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