Album: seeyousoon – HZLIKEHELL

Florida based experimental hip-hop collective seeyousoon are back with a genre-bending new project that is pushing the boundaries of what their style can morph into. Their new album HZLIKEHELL is a twelve-track journey across a bevy of sounds with influences ranging from dance music, to hip-hop, and even pop at times as seeyousoon as a whole understands how to not allow a song to get too dreary or repetitive. Their music comes together seamlessly and speaks to the personal and musical chemistry of the group. However their support is not just relegated to the editorial music community and rather are even being co-signed by bona-fide musical legends and influencers in their own right like T-Pain who called seeyousoon his favorite group out. The collective is composed of Ignacio, Kenny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Luke, and Mitch who all fit perfectly like a puzzle while all still remaining on the same page of aiming to push musical boundaries and certainly show no fear or reluctance to experiment. The group has put out two visuals in conjunction with the projects release in “Magic” and “Depleted” that show off the collective’s visual creativity is on par with the avant-garde auditory aspect they seem to have such a stronghold on.

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