Ambjaay Talks “Uno” Going Gold, Signing to Columbia Records and ‘It Cost To Live Like This Part 2’

Photo Credit: Columbia Records

Pronounced AM-BEE-JAY, the 19-year-old rapper’s breakout record “Uno” was one of the most recognizable fun hits of the summer, fast-tracking him to stardom while gaining co-signs by Drake, Tyga, Meek Mill, Kehlani & Wiz Khalifa along the way.

Read our exclusive interview below as Ambjaay and I discuss the success of “Uno,” his new single “Ice Cream” where the music video pays homage to ‘Friday’ and features Faizon Love, ‘It Cost To Live Like This Part 2’ and more.

Catrise J: Your song “Uno” went gold! How does that feel?

AmJaay: It feels great no frosted flakes!

CJ: Did you expect for “Uno” to do this well?

AJ: Not really but I spoke it into existence. Like I didn’t know it was going to be this huge because I knew I was just having fun with it so for it blow up like this was wild to be honest.

CJ: Why do think everyone is gravitating toward it?

AJ: It’s fun, you can dance to it and you wouldn’t expect an African-American to do a song to a hispanic beat like they think I’m Mexican or something.

CJ: Living in Los Angeles, everywhere you go when that beat drops it’s over with! Everybody is going crazy.

AJ: [Laughs] Over with! That’s facts.

CJ: You have another record out called “Choppa Go Blocka Blocka” and I noticed that “Uno” has a similar sound to it. Did you make both songs at the same time?

AJ: Yeah, facts. I have an EP called ‘Costs to Live Like This’ – see people don’t know “Uno” has been out since February 14th and both those songs were on there. We just made them [“Uno” and “Choppa Go Blocka Blocka] into singles after I got signed.

CJ: Being from Los Angeles, 20 years old, and now being signed – how did you get discovered and what is that process like?

AJ: Really just grinding hard! My A&R Lou had dmed me and it didn’t look real at first. I’m jumping up and down, my brother over there with me then we got on a phone call, went on a couple meetings, I signed and it was on from there.

CJ: Tell me about your new single “Ice Cream?”

AJ: I really was just having fun, I just heard the beat and just did something. I’m not going to lie to you I don’t really like that song like that but I really just have fun when I do music.

CJ: In the music video you got Faizon Love in it and it was inspired by the movie ‘Friday’. What was it like creating and shooting the music video?

AJ: Man, it was fun! We were shooting the video all day and night, really just having fun. You know there is a lot of tough rappers out here so I’m the type of rapper to have fun and live life. I’m trying to take advantage of everything because you only get this chance once.

CJ: How do you feel about someone that might say, “oh, he’s a mumble rapper” or “oh, he’s not really talking about anything?”

AJ: I’m not a mumble rapper. You can hear what I say [laughs] but like everyone has their genre of rapping and if you want to go hear something lyrical go listen to Kendrick or J. Cole but if you want to have fun then listen to me.

CJ: What’s next?

AJ: I have a new EP coming out, ‘It Costs To Live Like This Part 2’. This is different just showing people that I’ve upgraded and elevated in a short few months. It’s just different. I’m excited [about it]!

CJ: Any collabs?

AJ: You never know. I could have Lil Tjay, I could have Polo G. You could never know.

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