Kodie Shane Talks Career Growth, Upcoming Tour with Saint Jhn, and New Mixtape ‘Blooming’

Fresh out of Atlanta, Kodie Shane has been on the grind for a while slowly but surely captivating fan by fan overtime. In other words, once you’re hip to Kodie’s music your instantly a hooked fan. She offers a fresh take on Hip Hop and Pop, clever lyrics, ear-worm melodies over buoyant, and genre-blurring beats that have become her calling card.

Across 2016 and 2017, she made a name for herself by serving up a series of critically adored projects. 2016’s debut EP Zero Gravity includes the fan-favorite “Sad” feating Lil Yachty. Last year, Shane debuted her album ‘Young HeartThrob‘ on Epic Records. The 15-track bolstered features from TK Kravitz and Trippie Redd on the pop bliss, hip-hop gritty, and future-facing alternative ambiance of an album. 

The budding star has also drawn rave reviews on the stage, having spent much of the past few years on the road, headlining shows around the world, as well as opening for the likes of Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Jhené Aiko, Billie Eilish and, will be featured on the upcoming ‘Ghetto Lenny’s Ignorant Forever Tour’ with Saint Jhn.

Read Kodie Shane and I’s interview below as we discuss the last four years of her career, her new mixtape ‘Blooming’ and her upcoming tour with Saint Jhn.

Catrise J: I’m so excited about this interview because I’ve been following your career since 2015. I saw you at SXSW and you had all these people walking around with these big heads of your face on it, with your braids so it’s been really cool to see your career blossoming thus far. 

Kodie Shane: That’s crazy! [Laughs] Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. That means a lot. 

CJ: How do you feel like your career has been the last four years?

KS: For me, it feels like I’m in my sixth year but these last four years for me if anything I [have been] majorly blessed I’ve been places I never thought I would be and I’m not 21 yet. I definitely think [there is] a lot more work that I have to do. I feel like I face different challenges – I’m a girl and I rap better than the boys but what boy will ever say a girl can rap better than me [them.] I’m working every day and I’m in it for the long haul. You know when you work harder for it it will last longer and feel way better.

CJ: I really like the song “Sad” featuring Lil Yachty. Are you still working with him?

KS: Yeah, I love Yachty. That’s like my brother, he took me on my first tour so that’s my boy for life. We have so much shit together that we never dropped but “Sad” was definitely fire.

CJ: I always wanted a Kodie Shane and Lil Yachty mixtape. Since you have a bunch of recorded stuff do you think it could ever see the light of day?

KS: [Chuckles] Aye man, we gotta tell Boat let’s do the tape real quick. If Yachty with it then I’m with it. For sure!

CJ: What have you been working on recently?

KS: Right now, I’m working on a tape. I’m going to be 21 [years old] in October so I’m getting ready to drop a tape for my birthday. I’m really excited. It’s crazy that you said my career keeps blossoming because the title of my EP is titled ‘Blooming’ so I’m really excited about it. It’s a tape. I’ve never even told anyone the name but I think it’s time too so fuck it! ‘Blooming’ is dropping this October we’re going crazy!

CJ: Can we expect to see you on tour to end off the year?

KS: I’m actually starting a tour on November 9th with Saint Jhn. Me and Saint Jhn are going on the road so I’m super excited about that. We’re coming to a city near you! Ghetto Love songs and all that!

CJ: What about a Saint Jhn and Kodie Shane collab?

KS: We’re going crazy! Yeah, we’re definitely doing the Saint Jhn and Kodie tape. It’s a wrap!

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