Behind The Music Of Emerging Artist Ogcrains  

Ogcrains possesses a love for East Coast and West Coast hip-hop in abundance. His style has no boundaries outside of being true to itself. The production of his work has a glimmering, shining glow to it. Part of this is deliberate – he spends many days, weeks, per track. Such a pace has resulted in a sound that speaks volumes, immersing the listener in his own life. And he has lived. 

Life for his interest in rap began with one of the greats, Biggie Smalls. A better introduction to the genre is absent. Much like Biggie, Ogcrains holds nothing back. Every detail adds to the portrait of the artist. Struggles, highs, and lows are essential in understanding who Ogcrains is and how he got here. 

Nor has his life been carefree – he left California for a clean slate in North Carolina. The move, he states, changed his life. What else changed from this move – he took writing songs seriously. Since August 2021, he’s written ten songs, with a couple dozen more in the works. Had he never made this move, he might have avoided writing music, period, and gone down an entirely darker, lonelier path. 

The soul he displays within his work is a rare thing where he takes the storytelling of past greats and pairs it alongside the vulnerability of the present day, resulting in the best of both worlds. 

Check out some of his buzzing single “Monsters” below:

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