Dear Callie, Rising Star And Singer Of “Bang Bang”

Meet Callie Lee, a talented singer, songwriter, and performer from Atlanta, Georgia, who is rapidly making a name for herself in the music industry. Her music is a blend of pop and rhythmic genres, and her artistry is a reflection of her love for songwriting and self-expression through music. Dear Callie’s journey in exploring her talents began at the age of five, and since then, she has achieved many milestones and given impressive performances. Her resume includes performances for Oprah Winfrey, KeKe Palmer, Toni Braxton, Monica, 6lack, Queen Naja, Baddies South, and more. She was also a featured background vocalist for Toni Braxton’s American Music Awards performance and appeared on Season 17 of The Voice.

One of Callie’s recent works is “Bang Bang,” a retro-infused track inspired by the 1992 film “The Bodyguard,” featuring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Callie wrote the song on a plane ride home after her Season 17 audition for The Voice. Co-written by Darrin Jones and directed by Lola Scott Art, “Bang Bang” features percussionist Bennine Rodgers II, who has performed for Black Pink. The song and video were released in October 2022 and continue to be a fan favorite into the spring of 2023, taking listeners on a ride of 80s/90s nostalgia.

Callie’s talent and dedication to her craft are evident in her journey so far, and it’s exciting to see where her career will take her in the future. With her focus on bringing love and vulnerability back to music, she’s not only creating a lane for herself but also paving the way for others to do the same. Keep an eye on this rising star on Spotify and YouTube, and follow her on Instagram!

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