From The Block Performance: Chino Cappin “Ed Edd Eddy”

Straddling the line between romantic R&B and street savvy hip-hop, Chino Cappin is solidifying his status as one of Georgia’s most masterful melodic artists. Proving that his silky smooth vocals translate extremely well to a live setting, Chino shares his new song “Ed Edd Eddy,” performed live as an exclusive with 4 Shooters Only for their “From The Block” series. Bringing it back to the classic Cartoon Network show, “Ed Edd Eddy” is an uptempo and braggadocious heater, as Chino talks his shit with an infectiously rhythmic flow: “Count a hunnid with my eyes closed, tell me how that feel now?” With a full version that features 21 Lil Harold and earned an IG shoutout from 21 Savage himself, “Ed Edd Eddy” arrives ahead of Permanently Scarred, Chino’s next mixtape, due in 2022 via Alamo Records.

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