Meet Skar, the next artist up from Sacramento, California

Skar has built quite a prolific music catalog in such a short amount of time, but this comes as no surprise with how deliberate the rapper has been with releasing good music. His fans can attest to this as he boasts a shocking 1.2 million views on VEVO and hundreds of thousands of listens across streaming platforms, and yet, this is just the start of his career.  

Watch “Roll 10” Official Video

Born Marcquise Burgess, Skar grew up in the Lincoln Village neighborhood of Sacramento, California, a rough area where not too many people make it out. Despite being discouraged, he never let this ideology deter him from his goals and instead Skar began to dabble in music at an early age. By 17, he had recorded his first song at a professional studio and would release his first EP entitled ‘Stay Solid Stack Chips’ on iTunes the following year. Seeing other Sacramento rappers like Mozzy make it out of the hood was all the inspiration Skar needed to take on his rap career with full force. “I want to show that no matter what they think of us we can make it out,” he explains and has since expanded his music beyond his hometown of Sacramento by touring and performing across the US in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Seattle, San Antonio and more. 

Watch “Fed Up” by Skar & Mozzy

It’s clear that the West Coast has played a huge role in Skar’s artistry with the rapper’s style being a blend of clever wordplay and quick-witted punchlines that will have the listener running it back just to catch the message. Since releasing his debut EP as a teen, Skar’s discography has grown to include popular tracks like “Popular” and his most recent project, ‘34th & Mayes’, which is named after the block he grew up on. Now at 30, his music is distributed worldwide by Empire and his own label titled No Label and he’s continuing with his original intention of delivering quality music. 

Skar talks Sacramento politics, Rap Beef, Gangbanging, Celly Ru, Lincoln Village, Fatherhood, & more

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