Off The Porch Interview: North Ave Jax Speaks On Music Helping Him Cope w/ Anxiety, LaZy But I Have Goals, Jetsonmade Collab

We recently sat down with North Ave Jack for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he discussed his upcoming project with Jetsonmade, growing up in Burlington Vermont, dropping out of high school to pursue his music dreams, moving in with his friends to start recording, learning how to navigate through life at an early age, pulling inspiration from his life experiences, having a major support system, not letting hate interfere with his success right now, getting hit up by the president of his current label while he was working consistently on his craft, his single “Awful” being the most vulnerable track he’s put out, reminiscing on past relationships, his perspective on love, music helping him cope with anxiety, his music visuals being shot by his closest friend Kelly, his debut project “Lazy, But I Have Goals”, this project being significant to a time in his life and the title coming from him dropping out of school, and much more!

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