“Off The Porch” w/ JuddyRemixdem

We recently sat down with music video director JuddyRemixdem for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! Juddy has made a huge mark in the game with his music videos for Shoreline Mafia, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and many more! During our discussion, he talked about growing up in Compton, getting his start as a DJ before picking up a camera and doing photos and behind the scenes footage, being inspired by watching AZaeProduction, Savanni and Diesel Filmz, teaching himself how to shoot and edit, reveals how long it takes him to edit a music video, shooting his first music video with Lil Quill & Yung Mal, shooting his first big budget music video with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, getting on Worldstar for the first time with Mal & Quill’s “Been In My Bag” music video, explains how he initially met Pablo Juan, explains his reaction when he heard Pablo’s “Shoot Like Juddy” song, getting Pablo to dance in the “No Safety” music video, linking up and working with Shoreline Mafia for the first time while in Miami, getting a plaque for Shoreline’s “Bands” song, his upcoming music video with Blocboy JB & NLE Choppa, talks about getting crazy DMs from fans who want him to drop certain music videos, shares advice for upcoming video directors, JuddyRemixdem merch & branding, wanting to work with Detroit rappers and much more! Watch below!

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