The Carolina’s Southern Appeal Embraces Chris Brown’s Tandem of Indigoat Afterparties

Grammy-award winning artist Chris Brown invaded the Tar Heel State this past weekend in route of his Indigoat concert tour.

The nonpareil of musical eminence is well-known for his audacious spirit and triumphant crusade of dominance within R&B.

Racking up countless ballads that typify nostalgic appeal in alliance with a riveting display of artistic prowess that screams distinction, Chris Brown’s influence in music is one that’ll stand the test of time.

The brisk, august paradigm’s of nightlife acclaim – Michael Gardner, Ais York & Tim Boss and others – worked collectively to put together 2 nights encompassed with gaiety and merrymaking. Nights riddled with excitement and shoulder-to-shoulder walking space that provides context to term ‘sold-out dates‘.

Friday’s endeavors made mark in Raleigh, NC at Paris Lounge, one the capital’s latest upscale, innovative venues to offer a unique nightlife experience. Tastemakers and fans alike gathered outside awaiting for Brown’s tour bus to arrive, yearning for the chance to be embraced by R&B’s phenom.

Paris Lounge in Raleigh, NC – Courtesy of Derrius Edwards

Once security personnel ushered in outlying attendees and Brown made his grand entrance into the venue, the light show commenced.

The gatekeepers were alive and well, not granting anyone outside of his (Chris Brown) immediate entourage within close proximity to him or his VIP section. As the night progressed, I can’t make this up, Brown virtually danced the night away, as best reflected by the influx of videos captured via social media.

Saturday night was no different with regard to the startling out-pour of people to come out for a festive occurrence in Charlotte, NC. STATS Charlotte, one of the premier sports bar restaurants in the Queen City, served as the hosting grounds for musical debauchery that evening.

The tour-bus effect was alive and well as fans gathered out front in hopes of catching a quick photo-op with Brown. Once he was lead inside by a brigade of militant-esque personnel in the form of security, the euphoria overwhelmed everyone in attendance.

STATS Charlotte in Charlotte, NC – Courtesy of Derrius Edwards

Some of Brown’s most notable singles With You, Yo and Deuces impelled fans to dance and sing along, while some of his latest offerings like No Guidance and Heat channeled a risqué, yet welcomed jolt of vivacity amongst hundreds.

Overall, this past weekend was definitely a pivotal focus point for exposing the world to Carolinian nightlife. The residing power that lies within all parties involved in pulling something like this together is a sure attestation of ingenuity and proper planning. Definitely excited to see what the future has in store for the Carolinas.

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