Podcast: The Capp (Film) The Super Facts Show

On this episode, we’re joined by the director & several members of The Capp, a just-premiered film from Capital Structure Entertainment’s Film division. The genuine rapport between them was palpable and made for one of the most entertaining episodes the show has had. We discuss the film and its production, the outstanding soundtrack, who the worst dancer in the cast was, what they remember about 2006, if Kobe was the most natural rival for LeBron James at the time, if people realize the amount of talent in Cleveland, & much more.

Film synopsis: It’s 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Capp Era is the most dominant presence in the Cleveland music scene. A newly graduated Mac (Lewis Fletcher) has some tough decisions as he returns home from college. Money problems continue to overwhelm Mac and opportunities present themselves with a sheisty entrepreneur Jaro (Hakeem Sharif) wanting his piece of the city. Mac realizes the importance of family, friends, and passion as he maneuvers to make a name for himself.

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