Off The Porch: Sauce Walka On The Origins Of Sauce/Drip & Sauce Twinz, Houston Being Ashamed Of It’s Culture (Part 2)

Sauce Walka

We recently traveled out to Houston to chat with Sauce Walka for a special edition of “Off The Porch”! In Part 2 of our exclusive interview he talked about dropping “2 Legited 2 Quited”, creating drip, knowing the lifestyle would spread, watching Houston rap fall off from the mainstream, people in Houston being ashamed of it’s own culture, being apart of the group Mash Mode, explains how the sauce lingo started after an encounter with a woman from Memphis, starting to implement the lifestyle into their music, focusing on music when he came home from jail, doing 30 Days Of Sauce on Instagram, changing his name to Sauce Walka, Sancho creating the name for Sauce Twinz, Dipset’s influence, meeting OG Double D, and much more!

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