Shady Ray: The DGB Interview Pt. 1

Shady Ray is an Inglewood, California artist who is also a member of Lord Mobb. He’s a versatile artist who can sound at home on the dustiest backpacker beat or the synthiest of Parliament samples. He’s somewhat of a veteran but also a fresh voice. He’s used his Lord Mobb affiliation to garner attention after consistently delivering standout appearances on Flee Lord’s Lord Mobb compilations. He took some time out to reflect on his career and life, and talk about his upcoming music with us for Shady Ray: The DGB Interview.

How’d you get the name Shady Ray and what’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever done?

I got the name in my neighborhood. People have a misconception of what shady means in my name. I used to do a lot of shit and not get caught. The homies used to be like “Shady ass motherfucker, shady ass Ray.” I done did shit where everyone else ran and I walked and didn’t get in trouble.

As far as the shadiest shit I ever did? I won’t disclose that but I’ve done some shady ass shit in my time. I did all type of shit. I’m a trickster too, I’ve put Gorilla Glue in someone’s rain boots before.

What’s your advice on not getting caught?

Don’t do it (laughing.) Don’t do it Blood is the best advice I can give. Everybody thinks it can’t happen to me, can’t be me. The best advice is don’t even get involved in nothing where you feel like you can get caught.

Dough Networkz is involved in a lot of the things you do. It seems like he’s involved with all the good music coming out on the West Coast right now. For those who are unfamiliar who is he and what’s his involvement with your career?

Dough manages me, he handles all of the business. Our relationship is a little different, it’s deeper than music. We’re from the same neighborhood and he’s my childhood homie.

Dough is that guy. He’s one of the hardest-working motherfuckers I know. He had to step back and he responded by finishing his business and hitting the ground running. He got his hands into everything good in this game. He’s solid. He’s solid in the streets and he’s a solid businessman. He plays the game fair.

One thing I like about you, Lord Mobb, and a lot of the artists y’all work with is that you tell the truth about your lives without trying to make setbacks like being involved with the legal system without trying to glamorize it.

One thing is that I try to keep it in context. If you listen to the words I’m not trying to glorify anything negative. I’m going to be true to myself and my core values. With the Lord Mobb situation, we all really fuck with each other on some real-life shit. We don’t compete with each other, we’re trying to uplift each other and our communities. I try to make sure that comes through in the music.

With all those fire ass verses y’all must be a little competitive.

I mean we’re competitive like that. Of course, everybody wants to have the dopest verse. It’s not a thing where we feel threatened by each other’s come-ups. I always champion everything everyone’s doing. I might be the lowest key out of everybody. I just play my position. I don’t need to be Pippen or Jordan. I can be Craig Hodges. Just put me in when it’s time to hit a big shot.

Read more about Shady Ray, his heartbreaking project Sheila’s Boy, and his upcoming plans in Part 2, coming soon.

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