Stream: WillieFromTheDrive “Now That I’m On”

WilliefromtheDrive is a popular influencer, entertainer, singer, song-writer and rapper who has built a solid fanbase off his online presence and content. He is also a well known entrepreneur who is striving to create his own City and/or community he plans on calling “Aalduobap.” He plans on doing so off of his NFT projects and the connections/network he’s built over the years — and the music he has coming in the future.

Born and raised out of Hempstead’s D-Block aka the “Brickz,” it’s considered one of the highest crime rate communities in the nation. WilliefromtheDrive started taking music serious after the loss of his friend, Joecephus Carnelleis “Scooter” Vanable in 2016 due to gun violence. Hence the 16, 16 adlib you hear from him. Back then he was known as “TDB Willie.” When he lost his other friend “Mingo,” that could be seen in every video he released up until his passing, he started making changes to his name and his style, which he believed were necessary for his coming success. He released a song that pays tribute to Mingo called “Cuz Of U.” That appeared on WorldStarHipHop and gained over 500k views within the first two weeks and he has not looked back ever since. WilliefromtheDrive says he makes pain and motivation music.

“I just want to see my city on top. It’s deeper than music. Ride with me.”  –WilliefromtheDrive

His latest release comes in the form of a single titled “Now That I’m On.” The record was produced by SHXWN, who is responsible for Mariah Carey’s hit single “We Belong Together.” The video is set to be shot later this week on the 27th.

Listen below via Spotify!

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