Video: Alley Boy Feat. VL Deck “6 Figures” (I’m Str8)

To many it seemed like Alley Boy, the Edgewood Don had abandoned his burgeoning rap career. The flagship artist of Duct Tape Entertainment has had the respect of his peers ever since his debut. As life imitates art or however the saying goes, Alley Boy has had to deal with the consequences and repercussions of actually rapping what he’s living. The result has been an under promoted catalog of heat very few artists can match.

What Alley Boy lacks in mainstream popularity, he makes up for in respect. Both on the treacherous streets of Atlanta’s underbelly, and in the messy music industry, whose politics Alley Boy despises. Yet here he is: long time OG & made man. Co-founder of Duct Tape Ent, and as he factually claims, “poppin in his city before Meech”.

Alley Boy is part of an elite breed of hustlers able to survive the best and worst years of Atlanta, and still be here to speak on it. Speak he does on his second release of the year. A slick tongued Alley Boy shared his perspective on February’s “The Interview“. He returns now with Edgewood brother VL Deck, flexing his newly purchased Mercedes G Wagon, the iced out Duct Tape piece, and all the other accessories a true star should have.

Many will say that Alley Boy is back. But he actually never left. You just wasn’t in the streets to know that the Don has been holding it down like always. YungCripGotHitz produced the banger, while A Zae keeps the visuals crisp. Listen to more Alley Boy wherever you bump your music.

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