Video: Chino Cappin “Permanently Scarred”

GA’s Chino Cappin built a devoted fanbase through his ability to synthesize street bonafides with emotional anecdotes. Fresh off the release of his album, Chino shares his new video for its title track, “Permanently Scarred.” The song finds Chino coming to terms with the life-long trauma he’s faced in the past. Over a soulful guitar-driven beat, the Fort Valley native lays his heart on the line as he acknowledges what keeps him motivated – one being his daughter: “I done found a way to keep getting paid to see my daughter smile.” Instead of focusing on what exactly left him permanently scarred, the song follows Chino as he finds solace in being a provider for those who’ve loved him through his journey. 

Directed by BPace, the “Permanently Scarred” video reflects Chino’s ability to conceal his pain around others. Dividing his time between chilling with his crew and finding alone time in a dim-lit stairwell, the new video reveals Chino’s duality as an ambivert. His giving spirit also shines through in the video as he passes out cash to some kids in his neighborhood. Although he is on the rise as one of Georgia’s most promising artists, he admits that his emotions can get the best of him even in the midst of his accolades. Chino’s courage to keep it real about his pain on this project is commendable, and I think you’ll find yourself making connections to his introspective journey.

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