Video: Lil Yee “Dead & Gone” ft. Lil Bean

Establishing his bonafides in his hometown of San Francisco with his heartfelt and melodic spin on “Pain Music,” Lil Yee uses his music as an outlet to process his traumatic past. On his new video single “Dead & Gone,” Yee takes time to mourn those he’s lost, particularly his late uncle, role model, and biggest supporter, ChiAli, who he credits with getting him off the streets and into the studio. Marked by crisp loops of clean guitar, the new single finds Yee and fellow SF native Lil Bean emotionally crooning about the people who have gone and the memories they’ll never lose. In the video, Yee and Bean luxuriate in a gaudy mansion and a brand new Rolls Royce, but they can’t shake the feeling that all the money in the world can’t buy peace of mind.

“Dead & Gone” is the latest video from Yee’s upcoming album Unbreakable, due to arrive December 3rd via G-Affair/EMPIRE. The journey of the album and its creation began in 2020, after Yee lost ChiAli. Wracked with pain and disbelief, the Fillmore native looked within to recognize his own strength and fulfill a promise to his late uncle that he’d never stop grinding. Earlier this month, Yee bared his soul in the video for “Going Crazy,” the album’s opening track. Featuring appearances from PNB Rock, Babyface Ray, TEC and fellow Bay Area artists Rexx Life Raj, Lil Pete, Lil Bean, and Shaun Sloan, Unbreakable is Yee’s most personal album to date. 

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